PMB256 Masquerade (Dario Russo, Yamasuki Singers, Mandingo, Georges Vert, Chim Kothari, Reg Owen, Korla Pandit, Tak Shindo, Basil Henriques, Mitch Murder w/Satellite Young)

PMB256 MasqueradeThis week we take a good look behind the mask, with a selection of music which isn’t quite what it appears to be on first listen.

We have Frenchmen pretending to be Japanese, a Japanese man pretending that Duke Ellington was also Japanese, an Irishman pretending to be Hawaiian, the sound of exotic Hackney and a duo pretending it’s still the 1980s (#callback).

WARNING: Surprisingly, no Germans.

Listen now:

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The Music

1. Dario Russo: Italians from Danger 5: Series 1 (Original Soundtrack) Buy on Amazon
2. Yamasuki Singers: Yama Yama from Le Monde Fabuleux Des Yamasuki Buy on Amazon
3. Mandingo: Sacrifice from Mandingo/Sacrifice Buy on Amazon
4. Georges Vert: Leo Minor from An Electric Mind Buy on Amazon
5. Chim Kothari: Guantanamera from Sound of Sitar Buy on Amazon
6. Reg Owen: Ritual Blues from Britxotica! London’s Rarest Primitive Pop and Savage Jazz Buy on Amazon
7. Korla Pandit: Stormy Weather from The Grand Moghul Suite / The Universal Language Of Music Buy on Amazon
8. Tak Shindo: I’m Beginning to See the Light from Brass and Bamboo Buy on Amazon
9. Basil Henriques: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly from Hawaiian Honeymoon/Sounds Of Sunset Buy on Amazon
10. Mitch Murder feat. Emi (Satellite Young): Sniper Rouge Buy

Project Moonbase is listener supported. So next time you buy anything from Amazon, please go via our Amazon affiliate link. It won’t cost you anything, is totally anonymous and best of all it helps keep the show running. Thank you!

The Unnecessary News

Thing of the Week

Black with Music Notes Long Nose Venetian Masquerade MaskIf you happen to be planning on going to a Venetian masked ball in the near future, this Black with Music Notes Long Nose Venetian Masquerade Mask could provide the perfect disguise. This adult-sized mask has ribbon ties and is perfect for a masked ball. In fact, we’re not really sure what else it would be perfect for. Most importantly, though, one size fits most.

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