PMB258 Robot Symptoms (Neil Richardson, AzeTrane, Hugo Montenegro, The Heliocentrics, Lullatone, Maruo Maruko, Polysick, The High Llamas, Cavern of Anti-Matter)

PMB258 Robot SymptomsIt’s time to catch up with some new releases and reissues on the show this week. We have a couple of new reissues from Dutton Vocalion, including a version of show favorite Caravan which we’ve inexplicably neglected up until now. There are a couple of tracks which could be fake 80s but sound more like fake 90s filtered through the fake 70s. There’s also a double bill from Japan and we close the show with a couple of cornerstones/pillars of the Moonbase musical universe.

Listen now:

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The Music

1. Neil Richardson: Project Of Importance from Flying Start – KPM 1000 Series (1968-1978) Buy on Amazon
2. AzeTrane: R0b0t F00d! from NeoTokyo Buy
3. Hugo Montenegro: Caravan from Others By Brothers Buy on Amazon
4. The Heliocentrics: Into the Vortex from From the Deep Buy on Amazon
5. Lullatone: symptoms of a scatterbrain from thinking about Thursdays Buy
6. Maruo Maruko: schuss from live at yusurago “organ-night” Buy
7. Polysick: 24crash from Recovered Frames 01 Buy
8. The High Llamas: Jackie from Here Come the Rattling Trees Buy on Amazon
9. Cavern of Anti-Matter: blowing my nose under close observation from Void Beats / Invocation Trex Buy on Amazon

Project Moonbase is listener supported. So next time you buy anything from Amazon, please go via our Amazon affiliate link. It won’t cost you anything, is totally anonymous and best of all it helps keep the show running. Thank you!

The Unnecessary News

Thing of the Week

Scarlatti 3 Voice 48 Bass Accordion RedIf you were inspired by the sound of Maruo Maruoko’s nimble finger-work on the keys of her accordion on the show this week, this Scarlatti 3 Voice 48 Bass Accordion Red could be the perfect addition to your collection. It has 34 treble keys, 5 treble couplers, 3 voice, 12×4 bass and straps (though, according to an 80-year old reviewer, these could be a little on the short side. Also please note that while these instruments have good reeds and the instruments are excellent value, they are not finished to the standards of European makers.

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