Playlist, 25/05/08

The Show
May 2008 marks the 30th anniversary of the release of that Krautrock classic The Man Machine by Kraftwerk which featured two of their most iconic compositions: The Robots and The Model. On today’s show we re-constructed the whole album by playing cover versions of every track.

The Music
1. Piero Umiliani – Centrali Termishe (Musicaelettronica Volume Uno, 1969)

A track from a brand new reissue of some fabulous work by Brian Bennett:

2. Brian Bennett – Air (The Illustrated London Noise, 1967/2008)

Two tracks by pioneering French film and TV soundtrack composer François De Roubaix, the first an original track followed by a remix:

3. François De Roubaix – L’envol (Le Monde Électronique De François De Roubaix vol. II, 1975/2006)
4. Wide Open Spaces – Rencontre avec le skua, par Wide Open Spaces (Le Monde Électronique De François De Roubaix vol. II, 2006)

The Herbaliser have a new album coming out and rather splendid it is too:

5. The Herbaliser – The Next Spot (Same As It Never Was, 2008)

And then it was time for the first part of our feature this evening, the “A Side” of the Man Machine album, as performed by:

6. Señor Coconut Y Su Conjunto – The Robots (El Baile Alemán, 2000)
7. 8 Bit Weapon – Spacelab (8-bit Operators: A Tribute to the Music of Kraftwerk, 2007)
8. Reverse Pulse Envelope – Metropolis (Kraft Trance Express – a Tribute to Kraftwerk, 2008)

This next track was my favourite of the entries in the Eurovision final (but certainly not MC Zirconium’s):

9. Rodolfo Chikilicuatre – Baila El Chiki Chiki (Eurovision Song Contest Belgrade 2008)

And then it was back to the main feature with the “B Side” of the Man Machine album, as performed by:

10. Hikashu – The Model (Musique Non Stop – A Tribute To Kraftwerk, 1998)
11. New David – Neon Lights (New David Sings Kraftwerk – EP – 2005)
12. Yat Kha – Man Machine (Re-Covers: Albert Kuvezin & Yat Kha – 2005)

Keeping it electronic, we next had a track by a former member of Kraftwerk followed by a track from the new Matmos album:

13. Karl Bartos – The Camera (Communication, 2003)
14. Matmos – Mister Mouth (Supreme Balloon, 2008)

The Matmos track features 84-year old Marshall Allen (of the Sun Ra Arkestra) on the EVI.

Two Indian-tinged tracks next, the first one being another track from the Brian Bennett reissue we played earlier:

15. Brian Bennett – Tricycle (The Illustrated London Noise – 2008)
16. Okko – East Indian Traffic (Sitar & Electronics, 1971)

And how could we feature Kraftwerk on the show by not playing a track by this great band:

17. Kraftwerk – Computer Love (Computer World, 1981)

The News

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