PMB270 The Rainbow Collection: Rainbow (The Daniel Pemberton TV Orchestra, Kermit, Procyon Lotor, Dorothy Collins, Tony Mottola Orchestra, Hy Zaret & Lou Singer, Lusterquin, Roger Webb, Dario Russo, Monroeville Music Center, Korla Pandit, Primo Quinteto, ForOrchestra, Yakuza Heart Attack)

PMB270 The Rainbow Collection: RainbowWe’ve reached the end of the rainbow (collection), dear listener, with a show all about the rainbow itself.

It’s been an emotional journey, with a fight almost breaking out on the question of whether we should do a show about indigo. But we hope you have enjoyed every colourful chapter along the way.

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The Music

1. The Daniel Pemberton TV Orchestra: Rainbow Warrior from Little BIG Music: Musical Oddities from and Inspired By “LittleBigPlanet” Buy on Amazon
2. Kermit: Rainbow Connection from The Muppet Movie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Buy on Amazon
3. Procyon Lotor: Rainbow Invaderz (Outrun Edition) Watch
4. Dorothy Collins, Tony Mottola Orchestra, Hy Zaret & Lou Singer: How Many Colors Are In the Rainbow? from Experiment Songs (from Ballads for the Age of Science) Buy on Amazon
5. Lusterquin: Rainbow Watch
6. Roger Webb: Rainbow Bridge from Music For Dancefloors The Cream Of The Chappell Music Library Sessions v a Buy on Amazon
7. Dario Russo: Rainbow Dreams from Danger 5: Series 2 (Original Soundtrack) Buy on Amazon
8. Monroeville Music Center: Rainbow Bomb from Musique concrète for beginners Buy
9. Korla Pandit: Over The Rainbow (excerpt) from The Universal Language Of Music Buy on Amazon
10. Primo Quinteto: Over the Rainbow from Um Homem E Uma Mulher
11. ForOrchestra: WoodenToaster ‘Rainbow Factory’ For Orchestra Buy
12. Yakuza Heart Attack: Goodbye Rainbow Road from II Buy

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The Unnecessary News

Thing of the Week

Over the Rainbow 2017 Wall CalendarWe know it’s not wise to cross the streams but seeing as we’ve recently started another collection of shows, this one themed after the days of the week, we thought we might mess with your minds a little and offer up this rainbow calendar.

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