PMB273 I (Bruno Nicolai, Edmundo Ros, Kamal Ahmed (feat. Noor Jehan), Snail’s House, Cal Tjader, John Gregory & His Orchestra, Tätärä, Alan Haven, Martin Denny, William Onyeabor)

PMB273 IAs if we didn’t have enough series on the go at the moment, we’ve taken the foolhardy decision to kick off another one, this collection all about personal pronouns. That’s “he” and “she” to you and me.

But before straying into the second or third person, we thought it best to start with a show all about me, me, me. And by me I mean “I”.


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The Music

1. Bruno Nicolai: I Want It All from Beat At Cinecitta – Music from Italian 60s & 70s Exploitation Cinema: Volume 1 Buy on Amazon
2. Edmundo Ros: I Came I Saw I Conga’d from Dance Again Buy on Amazon
3. Kamal Ahmed (feat. Noor Jehan): I Am Very Sorry from The Sound Of Wonder! Buy on Amazon
4. Snail’s House: I’m Curious Buy
5. Cal Tjader: I’ve Waited So Long from Cal Tjader Goes Latin Buy on Amazon
6. John Gregory & His Orchestra: I Spy from Six Million Dollar TV THEMES Buy on Amazon
7. Tätärä: I Feel Good from Next Show Buy on Amazon
8. Alan Haven: I Say A Little Prayer from St. Elmo’s Fire Buy on Amazon
9. Martin Denny: I Talk To The Trees from Exotic Moog Buy on Amazon
10. William Onyeabor: I’ve Got Love (edit) from Great Lover Buy on Amazon

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The Unnecessary News

Thing of the Week

Who Am I?If you’ve ever felt the need to Know Thyself, dear listener, this mighty tome by Bhagwan Ra Afrika (aka Leonard Ingram) could provide all (or at least some or possibly none of) the answers. Apparently, this book is for serious seekers of truth about themselves in particular, as well as existence, in general. And who doesn’t want to know more about existence in general.

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