Britain’s top Swing band | The Ivor & Basil Kirchin Band – Drum Fire Dance | video

What Ho! It’s Britain’s top Swing band! Not from now but from then. And by then I mean circa 1957.

Featuring jazz arsonist Basil Kirchin (in his “prisoner of rhythm” phase) and Daddy K aka Ivor Kirchin, looking like groovy bank-manager. Watch out because this contains all the saxophones: baby saxophone, more saxophones and also big daddy bass saxophone. Also includes a quintuplet-O-trumpets but they all look the same. Ivor does some mighty conducting. He will not give you an unsecured personal loan to buy that caravan you’ve always wanted but he will swing, swing, swing! Basil plays dem drums without mercy thus they catch fire and everyone gets pretty hot. He ends up engulfed in a jazz conflagration. Spoiler alert: he survives and goes on to a decades long career of eccentric musical greatness.

If you even glance at this you have to listen to our whole Basil Kirchin show, BASIL The Kirshin Experience. It’s the law…of jazz.

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