Playlist, 06 June 2010

The Show
On the show this evening DJ Bongoboy put on his power shirt, red braces and bright yellow leggings as he took you back to an entirely fictitious 1980s. This was inspired by the release tomorrow of the first studio album proper by “hypnagogic pop” pioneer Ariel Pink. We’ll also have music from other bands exploring this sound world plus chiptune, The Herb and the return of our Sea of Tranquility feature.

In addition to the music, MC Zirconium wove tales of wonder about Korean super drink, teeny-tiny black holes and Windows 7 noodles.

The Music
1. Laibach: Final Countdown (DJ Bongoboy Edit) from Nato
2. 8bit Project: Beat It from Spicy Innovator Vs Superior Marionette
3. Ariel Pink: Alisa from House Arrest
4. Chicks On Speed: Sewing Machine from Cutting the Edge
5. John Maus: Times Is Weird from Love Is Real
6. Adventure Kid: Safety Dance (Men Without Hats Cover) from Buffetlibre Rewind
7. Linda Jardim: Energy in Northhampton from Music For Mentalists
8. Bubonic Plague: Nonsense Nonsense from Instant Coma
9. Peter Herbolzheimer’s Rhythm Combination & Brass: Pacific Rainbow from Bandfire
10. Isabelle Aubret: Caravan from In Love
11. Chairlift: Evident Utensil from Does You Inspire You
12. Kids Hit Masters: Into The Groove from Kids Sing’n Madonna
13. Haunted Graffiti & Ariel Pink: Can’t Hear My Eyes from Before Today
14. Laura Huxley: Introduction from Music For Mentalists
15. The Simon Sound: Between The Wake and The Sleep from Reverse Engineering
16. Nite Jewel: Artificial Intelligence from Good Evening
17. Dana Countryman: Farewell Mr Rota from Moog-Tastic

The Disinformation

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