PMB The Beatles Rewired

This playlist it’s: The Beatles Rewired or reworked or reimagined or revivified or covered, if you want to be prosaic about it. Some squelchy, sharp, jumpy, lovable and horrid covers of everybody’s favourite mopping ’n’ topping-est band. 

Listen to The Beatles Rewired on spotify and follow us.

Featuring: The Electronic Concept Orchestra, Cathy Berbarian, Marty Gold, Mrs Millar, The Folkswingers, Enoch Light, William Shatner, Wing, George Shearing, Puccio Roelenes Orchestra


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One Response to PMB The Beatles Rewired

  1. Ellen says:

    Used to listen to your podcast regularly when I worked a desk job a few years ago, but when I switched careers I didn’t keep up. You have introduced me to so much great and obscure music. Glad to see that DJ Bongo Boy is back in action and I am thrilled that you are on Spotify. Planning on spending my Saturday binge-listening to all of these playlists. Thank you for doing what you do!