It Is Rocket Science

It Is Rocket ScienceIf you were tuning in to Project Moonbaseback in those heady days when we were using an FM transmitter for our broadcasts from the recent future, you may recall that we interviewed Helen Keen who was bringing her first solo show, It Is Rocket Science, to the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh.
Well despite the fact that the first performance had just one lone audience member, the show went on to be a bit of a surprise hit at the Fringe. In fact the BBC quickly decided to turn it into a series for Radio 4, co-writen by Helen Keen and Miriam Underhill. The first (of four) episodes goes out this every evening at 11pm. As well as Helen Keen, it also stars Peter Serafinowicz and Susy Kane.

Watch the skies! (Or at least listen to airwaves!)

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