Moogular Bells | Tubular Bells | video

Over the last couple of decades, former Psychedelic Furs keyboard player Joe McGinty has been gradually amassing a truly envy-inducing collection of vintage keyboards. To demonstrate some of the classic and bizarre members of this collection, McGinty recently assembled 20 of New York’s finest keyboard players to record an arrangement of that often schism-inducing piece of pop-prog, Tubular Bells. Before you run screaming from the drawing room, we at the Moonbase feel sure that wherever you stand on Mike Oldfield you will be dazzled and tickled in equal measure by this wonderful performance.

Get Tubular Bells Joe McGinty and The Brooklyn Organ Synthesizer Orchestra on Amazon or iTunes.

The track is featured in PMB022: Stylophonic.

Oh, by the way, if anyone knows what the cute little orange keyboard visible in the background above (and again at 4:12) is, we’d love to know.

Source: Matrixsynth

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