PMB065: Introduction to Personal Computing (Perrey & Kingsley, Wing, The Bran Flakes, France Gall, Bruce Haack, Covox, Joel Vandroogenbroeck, John Baker, Gianni Safred, Jonathan Gibbs)

PMB064: The BirdsThis week a new occasional series of shows in which we introduce listeners to the exciting new world of personal computing. This week’s topics include computer safety, jazz computing, computer romance, Christian robots, programming yourself and computing in German.

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The Music

1. The Bran Flakes: A Musical Computer from I Don’t Have A Friend Buy on Amazon I Don't Have A Friend - The Bran Flakes
2. Perrey & Kingsley: Computer In Love from The Out Sound From Way In! Buy on Amazon The Out Sound from Way In! - Perrey & Kingsley
3. Wing: Safe Computer from Safe Computer – EP Buy on Amazon Safe Computer - EP - Wing
4. Covox: Computer Love from 8 Bit Operators: A Tribute to the Music of Kraftwerk Buy on Amazon 8-Bit Operators: The Music Of Kraftwerk Performed On 8-bit Video Game Systems - Various Artists
5. John Baker: PM – Computers In Business from The John Baker Tapes Volume 1: BBC Radiophonics 1963-1974 Buy on Amazon The John Baker Tapes - John Baker
6. France Gall: Der Computer Nr. 3 from En Allemand – Das Beste In Deutsch Buy on Amazon En allemand - Das Beste auf Deutsch - Gall, France
7. Gianni Safred: Jazz Computer 1 from Futuribile Buy on Amazon Futuribile: the Life to Come - Gianni Safred
8. Bruce Haack: Program Me from Farad: The Electric Voice Buy on Amazon Farad: The Electric Voice - Bruce Haack
9. Jonathan Gibbs: Computers In The Real World from The BBC Radiophonic Workshop – A Retrospective Buy on Amazon
10. Joel Vandroogenbroeck: Computer Graphic from Computer Blossoms Buy on Amazon Computer Blossoms - Joel Vandroogenbroeck
11. Bill Schaeffer: Igotrhy from PLATO Computer Music 1977 – 1982 Buy on Amazon PLATO Computer Music 1977 - 1982 - Bill Schaeffer
12. The IBM 7090 Computer: The Voice Of The IBM 7090 Computer from Music From Mathematics Buy on Amazon Music from Mathematics - Human And Electronic Musicians

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