PMB066: Year of the Dragon (F C Judd, Moon Wiring Club, Pye Corner Audio, Suzanne Ciani, Paddy Steer, Hollywood Strings, Rod Hunter, Dragon Age,Modern Talking, New Pants,Las Trillizas De Oro)

PMB066: Year of the DragonA very Gong Xi Fa Cai to all our listeners this week as we wish a very belated Happy Chinese New Year to you all. This year is the Year of the Dragon and so we’ve chosen that as one of the themes this week. The other theme is all things new (and old) as we highlight a few of the flurry of new releases which have already popped out this year. So you can look forward to hearing tracks from a great new compilation of recordings by lost British radiophonic pioneer Fred Judd as well as new tracks from the Moon Wiring Club and Pye Corner Audio. We also have a few selections from a new compilation by Andy Votel of electro-magnetic poly-pop, robotic rock and modern day mechanical music.

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The Music

1. Modern Talking: China In Her Eyes (Intro) from 2000 – Year of the Dragon Buy on Amazon 2000 - Year of the Dragon - Modern Talking
2. The Hollywood Strings: Enter The Dragon from 100 Years Of Movies Vol. 3 Buy on Amazon 100 Years Of Movies Vol. 3 - The Hollywood Strings
3. New Pants: Dragon Tiger Panacea from Dragon Tiger Panacea Buy on Amazon Dragon Tiger Panacea - New Pants
4. F.C. Judd: This Is Fred Judd Here from Electronics Without Tears Buy
5. F.C. Judd: Automation from Electronics Without Tears Buy
6. Suzanne Ciani: Atari Corporate Tag from Music Minus Music Buy on Amazon
7. Las Trillizas De Oro: Pochoclo from Music Minus Music Buy on Amazon
8. Dragon Age: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik – Seranade No. 13 In G Major – 1st Movement from Dragon Age Music Buy on Amazon Dragon Age Music - Dragon Age
9. Paddy Steer: Dragon’s Breath from Dragon’s Breath Buy on Amazon Dragon's Breath - Paddy Steer
10. Moon Wiring Club: Infernal Devices from Clutch It Like A Gonk Buy
11. Moon Wiring Club: Track 15 from Clutch It Like A Gonk Bonus CD Buy
12. Pye Corner Audio: Electronic Rhythm Number One from Black Mill Tapes Vol.3 Buy
13. F.C. Judd: Studio Equipment from Electronics Without Tears Buy
14. F.C. Judd: Fairground from Electronics Without Tears Buy
15. Rod Hunter: Apache from Music Minus Music Buy on Amazon
16. F.C. Judd: Cheery Bye from Electronics Without Tears Buy


App of the Week

Animoog for iPad and iPhone from Moog Music IncAnimoog, powered by Moog’s new Anisotropic Synth Engine (ASE), is the first professional polyphonic synthesizer designed for the iPad. ASE allows you to dynamically move through an X/Y space of unique timbres to create a constantly evolving and expressive soundscape.Animoog captures the vast sonic vocabulary of Moog synthesizers and applies it to the modern touch surface paradigm, enabling you to quickly sculpt incredibly fluid and dynamic sounds that live, breathe, and evolve as you play them. Animoog
Animoog for iPhone - Moog Music Inc.

Crooked Little Vein by Warren Ellis
Burned-out private dick Michael McGill needs to jump-start his career. What he gets instead is a cattle prod to the crotch. The president’s heroin-addicted chief of staff wants McGill to find the Constitution—the real one the Founding Fathers secretly devised for the time of gravest crisis. And with God, civility, and Mom’s homemade apple pie already dead or dying, that time is now. But McGill has a talent for stumbling into every imaginable depravity—and this case is driving him even deeper into America’s darkest, dankest underbelly, toward obscenities that boggle even his mind.
Crooked Little Vein by Warren Ellis
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