Playlist, 18 October 2009

The Show
On tonight’s show we had: tracks from the wonderful new Dramatic Funk Themes Vol 2, new tracks from Kelpe, The Emperor Machine, Roj, GaBlé, Jonny Trunk, lullatone as well as music from Lost in Space and, er, Klingon rap! Plus of course a track by Peter Herbolzheimer.

In addition to the music, MC Zirconium, our disinformer-in-chief brought us tales of the return of Polaroid, sabotage FROM THE FUTURE and how to run your city on bunny power.

The Music
1. Alan Hawkshaw: Fuel Injection from Dramatic Funk Themes Vol. 2
2. Shawn Lee and Clutchy Hopkins: 7 Inch from Fascinating Fingers
3. Ananda Shankar: Back Home from Ananda Shankar And His Music
4. Pete Rugolo: Space-A-Delic from Lost In Space 40th Anniversary collection
5. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble: Caravan from Flipside
6. Peter Herbolzheimer: Wade In The Water from Big Band Man – The MPS and Polydor Studio Recordings
7. Jonny Trunk: Hot Coals from Scrapbook
8. Nick Ingman: Thrust from Dramatic Funk Themes Vol. 2
9. The Emperor Machine: Black Ken (Embryo Version) from Space Beyond the Egg (The Embryos)
10. Kelpe: Moving Picture Three from Cambio Wechsel
11. lullatone: A Plastic Bag in the Wind from Songs That Spin in Circles
12. Ira Kris Group: Reza from Between Or Beyond The Black Forest
13. GaBlé: I’m Ok from I’m Ok
14. Roj: Rejoice! He Is Here from The Transactional Dharma Of Roj
15. Stu Phillips: Portugal – Cascais from Surf, Sex And Cycle-Psychos
16. Klenginem: SuvwI’pu’ qan tu’lu’be’
17. Keith Mansfield: Jagged from Dramatic Funk Themes Vol. 2

The Disinformation

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