PMB184: Frozen Solid (45 Caliber Recordings, Neal Hefti, Alan Parker, Mary Medley, Allan Cleary, John Blackinsell Orchestra, Dondero High School, Douglas Wood, Death By Chocolate, Koryo Saito)

PMB184 Frozen SolidInspired by what is supposedly (and inexplicably) the highest-grossing animation film ever made, we bring you a show themed around Disney’s Frozen, including several improvements on tracks featured in that film as well some other ice-themed tunes which we feel should really have been part of the film.

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The Music

1. 45 Caliber Recordings: Let It Go Chiptune Remix Listen
2. Neal Hefti & His Orchestra And Chorus: Mr. Freeze from Batman Theme & Other Bat Songs Buy on Amazon
3. Alan Parker: Ice Breaker from Afro Rock Buy on Amazon
4. Mary Medley: Will You Help Me Hide a Body Watch
5. Allan Cleary: Let it Go on three floppy drives Watch
6. John Blackinsell Orchestra: Medley: Volga Boatmen’ / Smooth Frozen Volga (excerpt) from Midnight in Moscow Buy on Amazon
7. Dondero High School: Cold As Ice from Pop Concert Sampler 1995-2005 Free
8. Douglas Wood: Icicles from G-Spots Buy on Amazon
9. Death By Chocolate: Ice Cold Lemonade from Death By Chocolate Buy
10. Koryo Saito: Frozen Castle from Mirage Buy on Amazon Mirage - Koryo Saito

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