PMB225: A Walk in the Moon Forest (Cornelius, Lawrence Welk, Piero Piccioni, Beate Kittsteiner, Jonny Trunk, Ivor Cutler, xyce, Laura Huxley/Russ Garcia/DJ Bongoboy, Robert Maxwell, The Go! Team, The Polynesians)

PMB225: A Walk in the Moon ForestIt’s time to take a stroll in the woods, dear listener, as we try to identify the Oak, the Sycamore, the Chestnut, the Willow and even the, er, swaying Palm.

We also have an exclusive guided arborial visualisation in the form of a musical mashup between Laura Huxley and Russ Garcia.

Listen now:

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The Music

1. Cornelius: Bird Watching At Inner Forest from Point Buy on Amazon Point - Cornelius
2. Lawrence Welk: The Chestnut Tree from Lawrence Welk: 16 Most Requested Songs Buy on Amazon Lawrence Welk: 16 Most Requested Songs - Lawrence Welk
3. Piero Piccioni: Sycamore Trails (Event II) from Se incontri Sartana prega per la tua morte Buy on Amazon
4. Beate Kittsteiner: Eucalypso from Pentalud Buy on Amazon Pentalud - Beate Kittsteiner
5. Jonny Trunk: The Woods Today from The Inside Outside Buy on Amazon The Inside Outside - Jonny Trunk
6. Ivor Cutler: A Wooden Tree from Jammy Smears Buy on Amazon Jammy Smears - Ivor Cutler
7. xyce: oak from 4chpcm love Buy
8. Laura Huxley/Russ Garcia/DJ Bongoboy: A Walk in the Moon Forest
9. Robert Maxwell: A Walk in the Black Forest from Harpistry in Rhythm Buy on Amazon Harpistry in Rhythm - Robert Maxwell
10. The Go! Team: Willow’s Song from Proof of Youth (Special Edition) Buy on Amazon
11. The Polynesians: Swaying Palm Trees from Beautiful Blue Hawaii Buy on Amazon Beautiful Blue Hawaii - The Polynesians

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