PMB226: Welcome to Prison (Ron Grainer, Gil Trythall, Enoch Light, TheLegendOfRenegade, The Alan Ainsworth Orchestra, Brian Bennett, Yakuza Heart Attack, Bernard Herrmann, Stelvio Cipriani, Tehran Vocal Ensemble)

PMB226: Welcome to PrisonIt’s time for one of our hard-hiting shows, dear listener, where we explore a serious topic of the day by means of a selection of easy listening music.

This week we’re exploring the very limited confines of incarceration. So please don’t try to escape.

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The Music

1. Ron Grainer: The Prisoner main titles A from The Music of ITC Buy on Amazon
2. Gil Trythall: Folsom Prison Blues from Country Moog / Nashville Gold Buy on Amazon Country Moog / Nashville Gold - Gil Trythall
3. Enoch Light and His Orchestra: Unchained Melody from Vintage Dance Orchestras No. 177 – EP: Unchained Melody Buy on Amazon Vintage Dance Orchestras No. 177 - EP: Unchained Melody - Enoch Light and His Orchestra
4. TheLegendOfRenegade: Sonic Adventure 2 – Prison Lane Zone Watch
5. The Alan Ainsworth Orchestra: Colditz March from The Easy Project II – House Of Loungecore Buy on Amazon
6. Brian Bennett: Flying Fists (From Prisoner Cell Block H) from 80’s Cult TV Tunes Buy on Amazon
7. Yakuza Heart Attack: Heart Pounding Prison from II Buy
8. Bernard Herrmann: 20th Century Fox Studio Orchestra: The Prison from The Day The Earth Stood Still Buy on Amazon
9. Stelvio Cipriani: Femina Prisoners from Femina ridens Buy on Amazon Femina ridens - Stelvio Cipriani
10. Tehran Vocal Ensemble: Theme from Papillon from Vocapella, Vol. 2 Buy on Amazon

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The Unnecessary News

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